How Dental Implants Work

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Some of the best things that can be used in order to get one’s teeth to look better after one or more teeth have been lost are dental implants. There are a number of different types of dental implants that can be used including individual tooth implants, crowns and bridges. In order to get these dental implants to work a good installation process will have to be handled.

What happens first is that the root of a tooth that is missing will be excavated. This is so any remaining tooth fragments that are stuck in a root area where a tooth used to be in can be cleared out. This will work to help with seeing that the implant can be properly handled. This is also so that it can fit into one’s teeth and will be comfortable in the mouth while fitting in naturally with the rest of one’s natural teeth.

After this is done a screw will be installed into the root. This is a screw that can be inserted right into the area and will be one that can be supported by one’s gums. It will need to be properly cleaned and safe for the gums to use so that the gums will not be at risk of being harmed over time. After the screw is installed the tooth that will be handled can be inserted into the end that is protruding out of the gums. As this is handled the tooth can be locked into the screw. This is so it can work to make sure that the implant will be able to stay in the teeth.

An important thing to see here is that the material that is used for the implant will vary in its shape according to the type of tooth that is being handled. There are various different tooth shapes that one’s mouth can have so it will be vital to see that an anchorage dentist will be able to get the right shape for the right tooth. In the case that a number of teeth have to be replaced in a bridge the teeth will need to be implanted through the use of a series of screws. These will be two screws that will go from one end of the missing teeth to the other with any teeth in between attached to the rest of the bridge. This is done to help with making the installation of these dental implants easier for the dentist to handle.

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