How Even the Best Air Purifiers Are Affordable

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Sneezing caused by non purified airWhen it comes to your health and the well-being of the ones you love, why wouldn’t you at least look into the health benefits that an air purifier can offer?

Allergies / Allergens:

The catastrophic effect that allergens and air pollutants have on your body can keep you from work, enjoying normal activities, and spending much-needed quality time with you loved ones.
Most everyone knows the common allergens include things like dust, pollen, pet dander, mildew, and mold. What you probably didn’t know is that other things like smoke from a fire, cigarette smoke, chemicals from household cleaners, and even carbon monoxide can find it’s way into your air supply.
Being able to combat these invisible pollutants is extremely hard but can be accomplished through modern advancements. Now we have air purification systems that you can use in your home.

So with all these allergens and micro-pollutants crowding your atmosphere, you might find yourself thinking, I wonder what the best air purifier for allergies would be.

HEPA, short for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, purifiers seem to be the consensus on most sites to be the most reliable and best quality air purifiers on the market. Their air purification systems are required to pass a substantial amount of tedious tests to ensure their overall quality and value. HEPA air purification systems are also equipt with a state of the art silent system that makes the filter run as quietly as a breeze.

Almost anywhere you look, you will find that these filtration systems are ranked among the top purification systems out there. Providing up to 99.7% of total pollutant and allergen removal from the air, they hold the number one spot for the best filtration systems for allergies or allergen related breathing issues. They have a high-class standard and a 5-year warranty available with the purchase of the filter so why wouldn’t you get one?

Some Cheaper Air Purifier Options:

HEPA's Best Air Purifier For AllergiesNow if you were looking for an air purifier that would help rid your home of allergens while not leaving you with the large price tag, Whirlpool air purification systems might be something to look into. If you want the same amazing quality filtration capabilities as HEPA purifiers, then the AP51030k model would be what we recommend. Included with this model are the true HEPA filter and a pre-filter.

The pre-filter is meant to extend the life of your HEPA filter since they are much more expensive to replace. The pre-filter would need to be changed more frequently than the other but would also be substantially cheaper in price. This Whirlpool model is also subject to a 5-year warranty that is if any technical issues do arise. One downfall of this particular filtration system is that on the higher settings there have been complaints that the fan inside is a little louder than the HEPA system.

No matter what you end up going with, the outcome is still the same. Better breathing, better health, and a better daily life are all possible with a quality air filtration system.

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